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Protect your finances during divorce

Divorce can be stressful for many reasons, but the financial changes it creates may be especially frightening. Splitting assets may leave you with much less flexibility in your budget after the divorce is final. You might also worry that your spouse will start to rack up debt in the meantime to retaliate against you.

To protect yourself from messy financial disputes and to prepare for your new life, you can take action in the early stages of divorce. Although it might take some time and energy, completing a few key steps can save you from debt in the long run.

How To Co-Parent With Your Ex Peacefully And Positively

Loud arguments, hostile exchanges and – perhaps worse – silent tension. When a marriage isn’t working anymore, the impact on everyone in the house, including children, can be extremely stressful. So, is it really best to stay together for the kids?

What you remember about your childhood friends’ struggle through a parents’ divorce can impact your level of anxiety about an impending divorce. Even more so, your own experience when your mom and dad split up can make you feel as if you are hurting your kids if you end the marriage. Then there are the studies that show clear data on the negative effects on children, making you feel even guiltier than you thought possible. For example, one study found that divorce can make a child more susceptible to becoming sick from viruses such as the common cold. In the study, children whose parents had a contentious relationship post-separation were more than three times as likely to catch a cold as the children whose parents remained together.

Mediation: An Easier Approach To Divorce

The U.S. divorce rate is the lowest it’s been in nearly four decades, according to Time Magazine. As noted in an article published late last year, roughly 17 out of every 1,000 married couples sought divorce in 2015 (the last year for which statistics are available) – a drop of more than 25 percent from the peak divorce rate, reached in 1980, when 23 couples per 1,000 sought divorce.

A range of factors has contributed to this advance. Chief among them is the fact that couples are waiting longer to get married. Cohabitation has been de-stigmatized, and many couples choose to live together before marrying, and thus develop a sense of whether their relationships are viable. Likewise, by waiting longer, individuals are likely to develop financial independence prior to marriage, which can help prevent monetary concerns from threatening the relationship.