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Create A Will That Matches Your Life And Goals

Many people worry about what will happen to their families and their property once they pass away. Although the future is uncertain, you have the power to influence it. By creating a will, you can have a say in what will happen.

At Bob Zoss Law Office, LLC, we work with Indiana families and individuals who want to protect their legacy and loved ones. We are here for you throughout life’s challenges, such as divorce and family law issues. Now, let us help you prepare for the next set of challenges.

We Focus On What Matters To You

Your will should not be a cookie-cutter replica of someone else’s will. Instead, your will should reflect who you are and what you value.

Our attorneys take the time to personalize each will according to our client’s priorities, such as:

  • Naming a guardian for minor children
  • Deciding certain inheritance matters
  • Donating belongings or money to a charity or cause
  • Protecting property from certain potential heirs or beneficiaries

Without a will, the court will make these highly personal decisions for you. Therefore, it is essential to consider your wishes well in advance. We can explain how to accomplish your individual goals through your will. We will also ensure that your will is legally valid through the right creation methods.

Keeping Your Will Up To Date

Once you write a will, it is important to make sure that it always reflects your needs and wishes over time. Your life and preferences may transform over the years. When your circumstances change, we can help you revisit your will.

A few common reasons to update a will include significant changes in assets or family dynamics. Divorce is often a time of major change. That is why we work with our divorce clients to create or update a will to match these new changes as part of their case.

Carefully Craft Your Will With Guidance

Do not assume that handwriting a note or speaking to a family member will hold up in court. The only way to ensure that the court will follow your requests is to properly record them in a will or another estate planning tool.

Bob Zoss Law Office can help you with the will writing process. Call 812-266-9609 or email us for a consultation with our Evansville-based team.