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What To Know About Child Support In Indiana

The law in Indiana recognizes that every child deserves the financial support of both parents, regardless of marital status. It’s stressful for parents to reckon with the bills and expenses of children on their own. However, utilizing the legal mechanisms is a challenge on its own.

At Bob Zoss Law Office, LLC, our attorneys have tackled difficult family law problems for families across the county for years. We care about the people we work with, and we care about their families. Your goals are our goals, and we want to help you understand the critical factors of child support across the state.

How Is Child Support Calculated In Indiana?

Like most states, child support in Indiana is calculated by a formula that closely looks at the financial standing of both parents. The specific factors it reviews are:

  • Incomes
  • Investments
  • Resources
  • Property
  • Expenses
  • Other children

Any factor that impacts a person’s finances is part of the conversation. Additionally, none of these factors are perfect indicators, and there are many complications that may arise in each one. Your attorney will closely review the problems ahead of you and work diligently to help manage the child support discussions.

How Does Child Support Relate To Child Custody?

Child support relates to child custody in that many of the same factors at play are considered. However, there is no hard and fast rule. Often, the person with primary custody – the parent the children live with the most – may not pay child support, but that’s not always the case. There are endless complexities to the interaction of support and custody.

One important factor is that child custody and visitation cannot be withheld if one parent is delinquent on support payments.

You Deserve To Have Financial Support For Your Kids

The important factor to understand in child support is that you can get help for your kids. It can certainly be a challenge, but with our help, it is manageable. Call 812-471-8502 or send an email to learn how we can help you.