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Arbitration For Family Law And Civil Matters

Mediation is one of many efficient and effective legal services we offer at Bob Zoss Law Office, LLC. Our attorneys assist parties in resolving disputes through confidential discussions and negotiations. Mediation is informal in nature and can be conducted without the parties’ lawyers being present. In many cases, the services of a professional moderator can resolve disputes quickly and in a more cost-effective manner than going to trial.

An Effective Alternative Approach To Family Law Disputes

A mediator is not a judge but rather a facilitator of discussion. The mediator does not have the legal authority to impose binding resolutions or award settlements. Instead, the mediator can help to identify alternative means of resolution while offering an insight into the possible outcomes if the case goes to trial.

While mediation can be ordered by the judge in a family law or civil case, participants are able to choose to mediate at any point of the judicial process. Mediation has a number of potential benefits, primarily the opportunity to save money, time and stress by resolving issues amicably without the need for litigation.

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At Bob Zoss Law Office, LLC, we take great pride in our ability to provide mediation services for family law and civil matters, and our professional attorneys can assist in helping you reach a settlement or resolution to your legal matter. Arrange an initial consultation by completing our online contact form or by calling our office in Evansville, Indiana, at 812-471-8502.

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