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Mediation For Family Law And Civil Matters

Mediation is one of many efficient and effective legal services we offer at Bob Zoss Law Office, LLC. Our attorneys assist parties in resolving disputes through confidential discussions and negotiations for people in Evansville and across southern Indiana.

Mediation is informal in nature and can be conducted without the parties’ lawyers being present. In many cases, the services of a professional mediator can resolve disputes quickly and in a more cost-effective manner than going to trial.

An Effective Alternative Approach To Family Law Disputes

A mediator is not a judge but rather a facilitator of discussion. The mediator does not have the legal authority to impose binding resolutions or award settlements. Instead, the mediator can help to identify alternative means of resolution while offering an insight into the possible outcomes if the case goes to trial.

While mediation can be ordered by the judge in a family law or civil case, participants are able to choose to mediate at any point of the judicial process. Mediation has a number of potential benefits, primarily the opportunity to save money, time and stress by resolving issues amicably without the need for litigation.

Benefits Of Mediation

Whether you choose mediation or it is part of the process for your divorce, you will see several advantages:

  • Efficiency: You can get in front of a mediator much more quickly than you can get a court date, usually.
  • Amicability: Mediation is meant to be a low conflict option, allowing for less stressful and more productive discussions.
  • Lower costs: Successful mediation avoids lengthy time in court, which can greatly inflate your legal costs.
  • Privacy: Mediation is a private process and the results of mediation are closed to the public.

While mediation is not binding, unless both sides agree, you can achieve a great outcome in those discussions.

Negotiation Versus Mediation In A Family Law Case

Mediation could be considered a form of “guided” negotiation between two parties. Negotiation in any case, even one that has begun litigation, is a regular occurrence. The difference with mediation is these private deals have a neutral third party guiding the discussion and enforcing agreed upon guidelines. They’re related, but they aren’t the same. Either could work for your case, it would just be a matter of reaching a result everyone can live with. Often, that is a bit easier to do in mediation.

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