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Child Support And Custody Modifications

Indiana courts consider a number of factors when making child custody and support decisions. If there have been significant changes in any of these factors, the court can modify the existing arrangements in order to preserve the best interests of your child.

At Bob Zoss Law Office, LLC, in Evansville, Indiana, we provide clear legal guidance and efficient representation to parents seeking modifications to existing child support and custody orders. Our experienced family lawyers can address your legal needs quickly and effectively in order to effect the changes you need to support your child.

Reasons For Requesting A Modification

There are several reasons for updating or altering a child custody agreement or child support order. If you or your former spouse has relocated, it may be necessary to alter parenting time arrangements to ensure that your child is still able to spend time with both parents without excessive disruption to their education, development or social commitments. Similarly, if one parent’s income changes significantly due to unemployment, illness or remarriage, a modification of child support payments may be needed to ensure that your child is not adversely affected.

If you wish to make a change to existing child custody or child support agreements, you must petition the court to make an official ruling. Even if you and your former spouse agree on making changes to an agreement, you should seek the court’s approval in order to make it a legal arrangement. We can help you file your request and present your case.

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Our attorneys are ready to assist you in securing the child support and custody modifications necessary to support your child. If your circumstances have changed since the original order was granted, we can advise on whether an alteration is necessary and assist you in petitioning the court for a legally binding modification.

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