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Strong Defense Against Drug Offense Allegations 

Being charged with a drug crime can lead to serious penalties, but a single mistake does not have to change your life forever. Having an experienced attorney on your side can make the difference between serving time in prison and receiving probation, a fine or a deferred sentence, or even having the charges dismissed completely.

At Bob Zoss Law Office, LLC, we offer strong criminal defense representation to clients accused of drug-related offenses throughout Evansville and the rest of Southern Indiana. We provide the strongest possible defense in order to get your case dismissed or reduce the penalties you face. Our attorneys are committed to helping you avoid the impact of a drug conviction and get a second chance.

Experienced In Contesting A Wide Range Of Drug Charges

The charges and penalties associated with a drug charge depend on the action that you are accused of taking, as well as the type and amount of drugs involved. We can defend you against a wide range of charges, including:

  • Possession: holding drugs, without necessarily using or selling them
  • Dealing: selling or delivering illegal drugs
  • Paraphernalia: possessing items such as needles, rolling papers and water pipes that may be related to drug use
  • Distribution/trafficking: transporting, smuggling or selling large amounts of drugs
  • Production: the cultivation or manufacture of illegal drugs

No matter what charge you are facing, our skilled and experienced attorneys will defend you strongly in court and ensure that your rights and interests are protected.

What Is Drug Scheduling And How Does It Impact Drug Charges?

Drug scheduling is the way the law categorizes drugs in terms of legal severity. The schedules broadly defined by the US Drug Enforcement Administration include:

  • Schedule I: Drugs without any “accepted” medical use but have a high potential for abuse, including marijuana heroin, LSD and ecstasy
  • Schedule II: Drugs with high potential for abuse and serious risk of chemical or psychological dependence, including cocaine, methamphetamine, Vicodin, and OxyContin.
  • Schedule III: Drugs without moderate potential for addiction, including steroids and ketamine.
  • Schedule IV: Drugs with low potential for abuse and dependence and includes Xanax, Valium, Ativan and Ambien.
  • Schedule V: Drugs with even lower potential for abuse and include limited amounts of narcotics. Typically reserved for antidiarrheal or low-level pain relief.

These are all controlled substances, and the schedule of drugs can vastly impact the severity of the charge.

What Makes A Drug Charge A Misdemeanor Versus A Felony?

A drug charge can fall into a misdemeanor or a felony based on many of the circumstances involved. Generally speaking, those circumstances include:

  • Type of drug: Drug scheduling plays a crucial factor here.
  • Amount of drug: There is a threshold for most narcotics where possession moves to trafficking.
  • Intention: Regardless of what and how much someone has on them, if caught in a sale that is a different charge.

However, despite the circumstances of the charges you may face, you have rights and you deserve to have those rights defended.

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