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Being arrested or facing any type of criminal charge is a frightening experience. When facing criminal charges, an experienced and effective attorney can be the difference between jail or prison and reduced or dismissed charges.

Based in Evansville, Indiana, the skilled lawyers of Bob Zoss Law Office, LLC, are committed to defending the rights of the accused. We strongly believe that every individual is entitled to fair representation, and we are willing to provide over-the-top legal assistance to those in need.

Drunk Driving And Driving Offenses

We have successfully defended countless clients accused of drunk driving and other driving offenses. We can assist you with a variety of issues, including:

  • Driving while suspended
  • Hardship licenses
  • Habitual offender charges
  • Probationary licenses

Felonies And Misdemeanors

Our experienced criminal defense lawyers can provide you with assertive, effective defense representation against a wide range of charges. We have helped many clients avoid or lessen serious penalties such as fines and jail time in cases including:

The attorneys at Bob Zoss Law Office, LLC, strive to provide skillful and effective defense representation during this difficult time in your life. We are quick to return your phone calls and keep you informed and up to date on your case.

Do I Need An Attorney For The Initial Hearing?

The initial hearing is the first court hearing related to the charges against you. The judge will read the specific charges against you and inform you what the possible penalties would be if you were found guilty. The judge will then ask if you understand the charges and have you fill out a financial declaration form to see if you are eligible for a public defender, if you have not already hired an attorney.

In some cases, the judge will also use the initial hearing to determine if there is enough evidence in your case to establish probable cause to continue the case. This does not mean you have been found guilty, just that the prosecution has enough evidence to justify holding you until trial.

Having a defense attorney represent you before your initial hearing can make a difference. One of our lawyers can advise you whether to waive your right to this hearing, which would save you from having to take a trip to the courthouse. However, there are circumstances when having the initial hearing can benefit your case, and we can help you make the best decision for your defense.

What Are The Roles Of A Prosecutor And Defense Attorney In A Criminal Case?

The prosecution represents the state of Indiana in a criminal case. Depending on the seriousness of the charges, the Vanderburgh County prosecutor might handle your case personally, but her office also has several deputy prosecutors. Their job is to either convince you to plead guilty or present evidence against you at trial to persuade the judge or jury beyond a reasonable doubt that you are guilty.

Your defense attorney’s job is to represent your interests at every step of the criminal justice system, starting with representing you during police interrogations. If you have already been arrested and taken into custody, a criminal defense lawyer can argue on your behalf in court for no or low bail to be set so you can be out of jail while your case is pending. Your lawyer should answer all your questions and explain the law clearly. They will investigate the state’s case against you and develop a strategy to work toward your goals, which could involve contesting the charges or negotiating a reasonable plea bargain.

A lot of criminal law involves filing pretrial motions, such as a motion to dismiss or suppress evidence. These motions must be handled in a particular way, or the court will not consider them. Your lawyer can handle these for you to help you mount an active defense of your rights and freedom.

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