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Factors that may contribute to a divorce

On Behalf of | Apr 6, 2023 | Divorce

While divorce rates in the US are decreasing, almost half of all marriages end in divorce.

The most common reasons for the high divorce rate are insufficient commitment, affairs and excessive conflict. Here is more on the factors that can contribute to a couple getting a divorce.

Excessive conflict

How a couple handles conflicts is critical to the survival of their marriage. Constant conflicts and anger are not the signs of a happy marriage. If a home is more stressful than a bad day at work, partners will not last long. Spouses bring each other peace and release from daily stress, which means excessive conflict will contribute to divorces.

Insufficient commitment

Healthy marriages only occur when both spouses demonstrate commitment. When one spouse is not fully engaged, the other spouse can feel resentful. That stems from the fact that they will likely try to overcommit themselves to the marriage. When they are not getting any more commitment from their spouse, they will soon grow tired of this. That can cause the marriage to break down.

Financial problems

Sometimes, money can get tight. If a couple does not have sufficient communication skills, the ensuing arguments can get nasty. If one spouse requests their tax records, only to find that they barely have enough income to pay the bills or are in serious debt, that can be a problem. Additionally, fundamental disagreements about saving and debt can lead to divorce.

Although a variety of factors can cause a couple to get divorced, there is also good news. As the length of relationships increases, the chance that a couple will divorce decreases, meaning that longer-lasting couples are more likely to stay together despite these factors.