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How are child support obligations enforced?

On Behalf of | Oct 5, 2021 | Child Support

There are several ways that child support obligations may be enforced in Indiana. Parents have the responsibility to pay for the needs of their children and must follow any court orders instructing them to pay child support. Both paying and recipient parents should be familiar with possible child support enforcement methods.

Methods of enforcing child support

Contempt of court – a parent who has failed to pay required child support may be held in contempt of court which could result in jail time.

Income withholding order – an income withholding order can direct the parent’s income be withheld for the purpose of satisfying unpaid child support and may also require the paying parent to provide updates if their employment changes.

Tax intercept – both state and federal tax refunds may be intercepted to satisfy unpaid child support. Lottery winnings may also be intercepted for this purpose.

Professional and driver’s license suspension- both driver’s licenses and professional licenses may be suspended when a parent has unpaid child support owing. Recreational licenses may also be suspended.

Motor vehicle lien and judgment – a motor vehicle lien may be obtained on the vehicle belonging to a parent who is behind in their child support payments.

Criminal charges – a parent who has fallen behind in child support may face, as a last result, criminal charges that can lead to imprisonment and fines.

Child support should be paid timely and in the correct amount and child support enforcement measures are aimed at ensuring that. The family law system and family law court can help parents address their child support-related concerns including child support orders, child support enforcement and child support modification options when available.