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The advantages of divorce mediation are something to consider

On Behalf of | Nov 20, 2020 | Divorce

Divorce mediation can be a smoother, more peaceful, more cost effective and efficient process for divorcing couples who have made the difficult decision to divorce. Divorcing couples should be familiar with how divorce mediation works and how it may benefit them.

Divorce mediation offers many different advantages of divorcing couples to consider including:

A more efficient process

Because the goal of the mediation process is for the divorcing couple to negotiate a divorce settlement agreement they can both live with, rather than fighting out each issue, the process can resolve more quickly than a traditionally-litigated divorce.

A less costly process

Because the mediation process commonly takes less time than a litigated divorce process, it can also be less costly for the divorcing couple overall.

A framework for resolving future disputes

The divorce mediation process can provide a framework for the divorcing couple to resolve disputes down the road. The same framework that helped guide them during the divorce process can guide them as concerns arise such as a child custody modification or child support modification.

Give the divorcing couple more control over their divorce

The divorce mediation process allows the divorcing couple to negotiate a divorce settlement agreement without the divorce court making decisions for them.

Provide more privacy and less acrimony

Because the divorce mediation process is not public, like divorce court, it provides more privacy which can also be better for children impacted by the divorce. Overall, it generally creates less acrimony between the divorcing couple as well.

Divorce mediation is beneficial to be familiar with because of its many advantages for divorcing couples. For that reason, divorcing couples should take the time to understand how it works and if it is good option for them.