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Think about the leap to divorce

On Behalf of | Sep 21, 2020 | Divorce

Ending a marriage is not easy under many circumstances. This year’s quarantine and economic shutdown related to the pandemic may have further complicated divorce. You should speak to an attorney and consider some issues before you begin this legal process.


Housing costs are a larger concern. Families have moved from urban to suburban areas since March. A recent Harris poll showed that 39 percent of Americans are thinking about moving to less crowded cities. Families have enrolled their children in schools and settled in areas even though there moved to those area is intended to be temporary.

Homes in areas outside New York City, like Westport Conn., have sold within hours of listing and bidding wars have occurred. Landlords and sellers in suburbia and less crowded have responded by raising prices and rents.

With the high cost of real estate and moving, families may not have the funds to rent or purchase another home if they divorce or separate. High costs could lower their lifestyle and standard of living if they move apart.


Currently, there are 17.3 million people receiving government assistance because they are unemployed or furloughed from their job. Courts, however, consider earned income or compensation while calculating spousal and child support. Being out of work, accordingly, can lower support payments.

Delaying divorce until spouses return to work and income is restored may be important for seeking fair and reasonable support. This is especially important for spouses who have not worked for many years who may need support to receive education or training to ren-enter the workforce.

Other concerns

Over the last few months, families have had to oversee their children’s remote learning, learn to work from home, get used to new ways of shopping and deal with many other issues.

Divorce may add further stress to their families and make a difficult situation worse. This can add further stress if families continue to work and go to school at home.

Speaking to an attorney while you consider divorce can help clarify your situation and provide options. Attorneys can help assure that your rights are protected.