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4 ways to maintain your sanity during a divorce

by | May 21, 2018 | Divorce

Divorces are terribly painful at the best of times. If you are going through one, it can seem like a never-ending rotation of meetings, court hearings, paperwork and attorney visits. This is a difficult time that many people go through, but there is always a light at the end of the tunnel, and a new future ahead if you just fight toward it.

Getting to that point can be difficult. With a few tried and true methods, however, you can reach the other side with your sanity intact and a successful divorce behind you.

Stay off social media

Divorces are emotionally charged for both parties. As inviting as it might seem to vent your frustrations over Facebook or Twitter, save it for when you’re talking with friends and family. Social media posts are being used as evidence in divorce cases more than ever before.

It may even be the best course of action to delete your social media presence entirely. Social media isn’t going anywhere; you can always create a new profile when your divorce is finalized.

Separate your finances

It is a good idea for you and your ex to separate your finances the moment you decide to divorce. Even if things feel amicable right now, there are no telling what twists and turns your feelings toward each other may take.

You will need to create bank accounts of your own eventually. It’s better to do it now and protect your finances than wait and potentially be faced with a financial mess.

Dont rush into a new relationship

Immediately rushing into a new relationship is sometimes a natural reaction for people. If you feel yourself itching to find a new significant other, try to resist it. This is an emotionally turbulent time; the person you’ve relied on for emotional support is leaving, and you’re most likely looking to fill the void.

You will need time to heal after your divorce. Give yourself time and look to friends and family for support. When you do feel ready to start seeing people again, try to date casually as you continue to recover.

Do something new

It may seem difficult, but this is one of the best things you can do for yourself in the midst of a divorce. You could try joining a casual sports league, diving into a hobby you’ve felt too busy for, getting involved with your community or doing home DIY projects.

There no shortage of things you can do that will give each day renewed purpose and introduce you to new people. It’s considerably healthier physically and emotionally than doing nothing.

Divorces are very difficult times, but there are ways to keep yourself sane. Look to friends and family for support, try new things and keep yourself protected. You’re sure to come out of this with a bright, new future.