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3 extra challenges in a gray divorce

On Behalf of | Oct 21, 2023 | Divorce

Gray divorce, which refers to the separation of couples over the age of 50, presents a unique set of challenges.

While financial aspects and emotional turmoil are often at the forefront, there are several other significant challenges that deserve attention.

1. Social isolation

The first challenge many individuals face when going through a gray divorce is social isolation. Over the years, couples build mutual friendships and networks. However, when the marriage dissolves, some of these connections may fade away, leaving a feeling of loneliness. This isolation can be emotionally draining, especially for those who have relied on their spouse as their primary source of companionship.

2. Healthcare and insurance

Gray divorcing couples must also grapple with the complexities of healthcare and insurance. In many cases, one spouse may have been the primary policyholder for both partners. After a divorce, the non-policyholder may face difficulties obtaining affordable health coverage. The potential loss of this essential safety net can add significant stress to an already challenging situation.

3. Retirement and financial security

One of the most pressing challenges in gray divorce is ensuring financial security in retirement. Splitting assets, pensions and other financial resources becomes more complicated as couples age. The need to rebuild individual financial portfolios can be a daunting task, with repercussions on the quality of life during the golden years.

In 2021, divorce accounted for 27% of the nearly 1.4 million baby boomers who experienced the end of a marriage. By addressing the extra challenges associated with it proactively, individuals going through a gray divorce can work toward a more secure and fulfilling future.